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Sedona Garage Flooring Benefits

We prioritize utilizing top-quality and dependable epoxy coatings available in the market. Our epoxy flooring consists of two primary elements: resins and hardeners. Once combined, these components undergo a chemical reaction, forming a durable plastic-like material that provides exceptional strength and serves as an additional layer of resilience against wear and tear.

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Epoxy undergoes a curing process, forming a durable and substantial coating that adheres firmly to the garage floor. This flooring can endure daily usage, resisting moisture, dust, dirt, grime, tire marks, and chemicals while maintaining its appearance intact.

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Concrete is robust but porous, prone to cracking and staining. Epoxy coatings, after curing, become a durable and flexible plastic material, acting as a protective layer akin to a bandage on the concrete slab, guarding against damage and stains.

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Our topcoats are completely UV stable, ensuring resistance against discoloration and yellowing caused by direct sunlight. Our basecoats are moisture-resistant and create a waterproof barrier, preventing the lifting and peeling of your new floor.

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Maintaining and cleaning epoxy garage flooring in Sedona, AZ, is hassle-free. It requires only a damp mop and mild floor detergent. Consistent and straightforward cleaning routines can ensure your garage floors maintain a fresh appearance for an extended period.

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optional ANTI-SLIP

An anti-slip agent can be applied to the garage flooring to reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents. Opting for epoxy flake flooring introduces flakes that offer a slight texture, enhancing grip for added safety.

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You can find epoxy garage flooring in various colors and textures, including solid colors, epoxy flake finishes, or metallic epoxy, allowing you to coordinate with your interior design preferences. View color chart.

Decorative Garage Flooring Finishes

Solid Epoxy Color

Our solid garage coatings are ideal for garages illuminated by artificial lighting. The vibrant solid hues can effectively reflect light, resulting in a well-lit and pristine atmosphere.

Includes: prepping floor for install, installing epoxy and clear coat.

Full Flake Broadcast

Epoxy flake is a durable and visually appealing coating for garage floors. It is designed to withstand hot tire pick-up, abrasion, and moisture problems, and it is simple to clean and upkeep, ensuring longevity.

Includes: prepping floor for install, epoxy primer, epoxy coating, adding chips, scraping the floor and removing excess chips, clear coat.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Consider metallic epoxy if you seek a unique and long-lasting garage floor that catches the eye. Comprising durable metallic pigments blended with clear industrial-grade resin, this floor is effortless to clean and resistant to scratches, abrasions, and chemicals. Most importantly, it's custom-made for your garage.

Our Epoxy Floor Coating Services

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