Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings and Its Benefits as a Flooring Solution
5 Reasons Why Epoxy Floors Are the Best Option for Your Business Facilities
June 19, 2017

Epoxy coating is becoming popular for both homes and business. It is easy to see why—easy coating gives floors that beauty that is seen in more expensive floorings. Another reason for its popularity is that it gives floors durability. The layer of coating protects floors from wear, which it constantly receives on a daily basis.

Epoxy coating also makes it easier for the floor to be cleaned. Mopping the floor up won’t be a problem since the coating makes the floor smooth enough that mopping it would not be as tedious as it would be with an uncoated floor.

Epoxy coating gives the floor a shiny look. Nothing makes a room stand out than a floor that is shiny and glossy. This is most applicable in large, spacious rooms, where the floor could be appreciated.

What Epoxy Coating Is About

Epoxy coating is different from paint. Paint is used in order to cover up a surface. With epoxy coating, the coat is transparent, which makes the floor stand out. Epoxy coating is made of resin. A polymer hardener is added to the resin, which gives the coat its strength and durability.

With the polymer hardener added to the resin, an epoxy coating is much thicker than paint. This makes an epoxy coating last longer than a paint job. This is also what makes an epoxy coating give a floor that shiny, glossy look.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating makes the floor durable. That means it protects the floor from impacts, especially from large or heavy objects. This is important in industrial and commercial settings where heavy objects are often found. Epoxy coating then can be applied to floors of warehouses and construction supply stores, for instance.

An epoxy coating can also be resistant to chemicals. Floors can be damaged by chemicals, and a layer of epoxy coating can protect the floor from a chemical reaction. A layer of epoxy coating can also hide minor floor imperfections, making a floor more suited to any building or home for presentation.

Another advantage of an epoxy coating is that it acts as a sealer, so it makes the floor much easier to clean as it keeps dust off as well as prevents moisture from forming. Cleaning a floor with epoxy coating then is easy, since only soap and water are needed to keep the floor shiny and looking new.

Many who have epoxy coating applied to their floor have praises for it. Epoxy coating keeps out oil stains from floors in garages and auto repair shops. That means less time cleaning, and more time is then spent in maintaining vehicles than worrying about the floor.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of an epoxy coated floor is that it brightens any room. With its shiny and glossy look, an epoxy coated floor stands out. It makes any room lively and clean. Cost is also not much of an issue, as an application of epoxy coating makes a floor just as expensive looking as compared to more expensive floor solutions.

Epoxy coating then is the perfect solution for people who want a worry-free floor. With its easy maintenance, it is no wonder that epoxy coating has become more popular over the years.

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